Acknowledgement of Country: This article was written on the land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. I would like to pay my respects to the Traditional Owners and their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Source: Anna Bailey, Redfern, New South Wales

Australia is a wine-loving nation. Drinking big glasses of crisp chardonnay with a pineapple kick or robust peppery shiraz in parks, bars and homes with friends and families is a great source of pleasure. Although wine itself brings great joy in Australia, the wine industry has caused a lot of pain; it has an uncomfortable history that needs to be acknowledged. As French philosopher Roland Barthes, author of Mythologies puts it:

“Wine cannot be an entirely happy substance unless we wrongfully forget that it is also the product of an expropriation.”

Australia is home to 2500 wineries across sixty-five wine…

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As the world moves through increasingly testing and trying times and the confronting reality that human beings have created a world in which they are unable to cope with the pressures of (Wax,2012). One in four people deal with some form of mental illness, and many of them are Millennials (Wax, 2012).

Therapy is expensive, and a new league of Instagram influencers are helping people who cannot afford treatment to heal themselves (Matei, 2019). This new stream of influencers are turning, the traditional anxiety triggering app into a tactical sidekick for the modern world.

Accredited psychologists, counsellors, are social worker…

Escapism and overindulgence go hand in hand, which is why, the age-old expression, ‘too much of a good thing’ is more pertinent than ever when it comes to digital media consumption. The internets original purpose was to improved connectivity and access to information (Jurgense, 2013). Social media platforms initially set out to connect friends and family. However, they have now dramatically evolved to become platforms offering instant content communication, consumption and information overload (NIB).

Like chocolate cake at a birthday party, it is now easier than ever to overdose on social media content. Too much of it sends you down…


Globally minded multimedia storyteller and ethnographic photographer, obsessed with food, coffee, travelling and history, and current affairs

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